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I still remember when a was a little girl, the excitement I felt on the Epiphany day and that today I can still see it in my youngest cousins.

Those long nights with my brother and uncle. We slept in a bunk bed, he was the one who fed our illusion, who prepared the survival kit for going to the bathroom without turning on the lights. I remember how in the middle of the night we woke up nervous to take a piss and how he got up with a flashlight to light up the way, because of course, what if the Three Wise Men were already in the living room placing the gifts and heard us? They would leave anything.

My uncle has always been a little imaginative, so he went first to recognize the area before we could go to the bathroom. Next we peeked through the peephole of the door to see if the gifts were already there.

The best year was the one where, surprisingly and without explanation, we saw the Three Wise Men through the small peephole in the door, my brother and I jumped and covered our mouths. We ran out to our bed to cover up to our foreheads and pretend we were sleeping.

Those memories…

Another moment I will not forget, and until this day continues doing, was when my little sister came running to my room to wake me up because the Three Wise Men already arrived. I looked at my watch and tried to distract her so my parents could sleep more, but the illusion and the excitement were so big there was no way the calm her down. She went from room to room waking everyone up, she went on top of the beds and starting jumping like crazy – “The Kings have arrived!”

So we all got out of bed and lined up in the living room door (that my grandma always closed) from the youngest to the oldest. The first thing you saw was the living room full of gifts and my uncle recording with his camera.

I have to say that other one who always wakes up before everyone, is my mother, it doesn’t matter what age we have; she had, has and will have an inexplicable illusion for this day.

However, not all the memories are from when I was young, although the Epiphany day in family is something extraordinary.

I could say that the illusion is something I haven’t lost yet, we are older now, but I have smaller cousins that still continue feeding the inner child we all have. They ask me to tell them stories on that night, they spread the anxiety, the illusion, the magic of waking up the next morning and finding a million gifts in your shoes.

Kids can transmit that so much, that I have to recognize, in occasions I cried to see the magic and the shine in their eyes. Because of this, this day is so special to me, year after year I revive memories from my childhood.


For everything, for more and more.




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