About us

We design innovative and functional handbags, to join you at all times, making you feel exclusive and revealing your own personality

Our story

A perpetual creative impulse

This young and enterprising woman is in charge of the design laboratory of the brand.
She study fashion design at the IED in Madrid, and continued his training at the Spanish Gemological Institute of Madrid.
After this, she decided to start her own entrepreneurial adventure, so she moved to Milan, where he remained nearly two years designing and producing bags in a small workshop of artisan production.
She returned to Spain and launched its own brand, entrenched in the strength and momentum of her youth, with a very personal style, exhibiting products with the innovation and creativity of the Milano design school style.

Our designs

Sofisticated innovation

Our designs are driven by a creative need that wants to show the world innovative, comfortable and elegant products, targeting today’s women, dynamic, executive, exclusive and sure of herself, seeking to make a difference and revealing her own personality.

The leather is the base of all our collections, coupled with very high quality trimmings, in order to combine tradition with cutting-edge designs and market trends.

Our designs are carefully handmade crafted by accurate, expert and patient skilled artisans, who outlined the smallest detail with love and care.

This allows us to provide our customers with real “jewels” that will last for years and years.

Each collection, each design has its own spirit, its own story. Our sources of inspiration are related with people, with day-to-day, with what surrounds us, that turns our life in an intimate experience. Thats what we convey with our designs, with our work.