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Oh! Claudio, il mio amore platonico.

This was another of the models I designed.

All the bags from this collection have their meaning and their reason to be, the names came out from inexplicable impulses.

Ok, I will tell the history of my little and adorable Claudio.

Yes, it was a guy I met in Milan. My group of friends called once to go out. One appetizer led to a daiquiri and from the daiquiri to one of my friend’s house, and there I met him. He was a tall man, with blue eyes, enviable smile and well educated. Like every other coincidence in this life, I didn’t got his number and left to my house that night.

Valentine’s day was coming closer and I didn’t have a plan so, like many weekends, I called my friends and joined a plan they had: a dinner in that same house and then a party in a disco. Without hesitating, I decided to spend Valentine’s day with my great friends.

That night the “divine fate” intervened and without thinking about it I ran into him. After a night of dancing, fun and lots of laughs we went home, but this time with his number. As expected, he wrote me, and he didn’t wait too long for it, I even had not arrived home and already got a WhatsApp message.

“Sono Claudio, sei arrivata a casa?”. (I am Claudio, have you arrive home yet?)

Obviously I answered him, fool of me if I didn.t answer to those blue eyes that transmitted so much innocence.

After a few WhatsApp messages we decided to meet the next day in a coffee shop to drink an apperol and continue chatting.

I will never forget to look in his face when I told him what I did in Milan. (In that moment I haven’t gotten my scholarship yet, I was attending Italian lessons so I could go to companies explaining them in what consisted my program and if they were willing to take part of it);

The question he made, but mostly how he made it, even repulsed me. I even got to think he was a freak, but he was right, I still wasn’t independent, and I have to recognize it, I got a little bored sometimes for not being able to work. So the next day I went to the internet, and searched for all the companies of craft made bags in Milan, took note of them and by Monday I was taking trams, buses and subway to go to all of them.

Half of them didn’t exist!

But I didn’t gave up, I searched and searched and found a small family business that were looking for a young person to help them.

This is the beginning of my job history, with a reunion, with a couple of blue eyes and the wish of to overpass myself dat by day.

But now, I will tell you the end of Claudio’s story.

Nothing happened, we became friends, we saw each other on the weekends and talked about the scars love made us, the experiences, the disappointments…

This is the reason this bag has this name, it means “the one who walks with difficulty”, because it was him who gave me the push before that difficulty of facing my fears.

It is designed for a dynamic woman, cosmopolitan and committed to other kind of daily chores. This model differs from Marco in it’s size, is smaller what makes it more versatile in it’s daily use.

That is the complement we all wish to have, because it can go along with us from the first time in the morning till the night. We can walk around all day with him without the necessity of coming back home to change the bag.




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