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This is a real man! – How many times we’ve been walking down the street thinking and verbalizing this frase?

That man that all of us want and dream about since we had our first Ken doll in our hands. It gives us security and sureness.

Many men have crossed in my life, my dad, my brother, a couple of boyfriends and I had learned a lot of things from them. That is the reason that I decided they should take a part in my project.

A project I started to conceive since I was a little girl. Like every other girl I dreamt about princess, finding my prince charming, really charming. “My perfect man” handsome, tall, with his foot on the ground, generous, good father, good husband, hard-working, intelligent, charming, romantic, friendly and an endless amount of more qualities. But I also dreamt about being a bag and shoe designer. The curious thing is that a dreamt about both things at the same time and having my designs displayed in big and flashy showcases from Milan, Rome, London and Paris.

Every time I drew and painted a bag, purse, bag or backpack I named it with a man’s name. Many times I’ve stood to think why my models had a man’s name, and probably I did it for a reason I’m still trying to find out. But I’m sure that some times it was because it was the name of the boy I liked, others because I found the name appealing to me and others because it simply gave me security. What I’m really sure about is that it was a “desideratum”. Anyway, now that I had finally decided to bring out to the light some of my designs I think it would be a good starting point to continue with this childhood dream.

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