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We have never been expressive, we have never told ourselves that we care and support ourselves, that we are going to be there in good and bad times.

I still remember the first christmas he didn’t spend it with us.

I remember when we called him, I simply cried like a little girl; because without him, without that partner my mother gave me, life is not the same.

There is no forgiveness, nor thank you words, nor I love you, because only with a expression and small detail we know what we want to tell to ourselves.

He is the one who fixes my mistakes, who worries about my sorrow and who, in one way or other, supplies my shortcomings.

He is the one who has supported me to follow my crazy ideas, who was excited with my projects and who has helped me in the path of becoming a fashion designer.

He’s always been, with his strengths and weakness, the best childhood and teenage partner I could have, because with him I lived my first parties, my first glass of wine, understood the fantastic male world and even went over my first breakup.

He was the best companion in my career, the ideas came and went, the follies we thought were crazier each time, almost imposible to accomplish, but thanks to our connection we were able to overcome all obstacles.

He has given us many frightening news; a traffic accident, an appendicitis operation, stress episodes, malaria, type A flu…

If I you told you…

With each one of them I have lost my breath, I have thought I would loose him, and with him, a great part of me also. I have seen him suffer like no one, but his pain threshold and his strength are remarkable.

For his absence, for being my example, for teaching me and more, this year I dress myself up of a Man.

For everything, for more and more.

Happy new year to everyone.








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