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Thurker once said “Never look back with anger and forward with fear, but look around you with attention”

This is the way this design is born and another of the many stories that have changed my life

This Story starts in a train on it’s way to Verona. I was looking through the window the amazing landscape, green fields with small snow layer on top. I have to say, when the train made its stops it was inevitable to watch the people entering in it. There was where I saw him. He was tall, lightly dark skin, blue eyes and thick paste glasses. He had a smile that dazzled the whole wagon and his smile shined in a special way. He sat by my side, another coincidence in my short path.

We started talking and in a matter of seconds we connected. We looked at each other with happy eyes and our faces shined with a small but meaningful smile.

He was telling me he had had a lot of bad experiences and the he had suffered too much, but surprisingly his look and his being didn’t reflect that. Curious of me, I asked which was the prism through he saw the world and life through. With his serenity and eloquence he explained it, and until now I believe we all should figure out how to look at life, because since that moment I see it differently.

We have to live the things that happen to us, we have to learn from them and al ways at the bright side of them. We might not understand them, but sooner or later all the pieces in the puzzle fit in.

We were arriving to Verona and I had to get down, but he told me something that was carved in my soul. “Non guardare indietro con rabbia o in avanti nella paura, ma intorno con attenzione”. (“Never look back with anger and forward with fear, but look around you with attention”)

This is the way I see the world since then. And it’s how a coincidence and a young entrepreneur not only changed my life but also gave birth to a model of this collection.

Marco is a bag created for the working woman. It has a lot of strength, with a strong and masculine appearance, but at the same time stylish and with personality. It wouldn’t be bad at all having a Marco in our lives daily, helping us to achieve everything we propose and making easier our professional growth.



For everything, form more and more.


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