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A candle, relaxing music, a leather jacket and story to tell.

That’s how my first Thursday starts. I want to tell you about Raffaello. It’s not only the bag that I like the most of the whole collection, is also my best friend.

We met when we were teenagers and since then not even time or distance had been able to separate us. There’s no need for words because one look tells everything, there are no uncomfortable silences, awkward and unknown situations for both… We know each other so well that there are no disgusts or misunderstandings. Definitely, When Rafaello comes to your life you don’t expect him to stay, is him that is in your present y you trust he will be in your future no matter what.

Rafaello is the harmonic expression of what is friendship for me, a world full of experiences, setbacks, ups and downs, happiness, sadness, … All of what makes you be a unique and extraordinary person.


Bag Raffaello Anis


For everything, for more and more.



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