Your transactions are secure with us

Secure payments

We use PayPal as a secure payment platform for all transactions that we do with our customers.

PayPal does not share your information with us, keeping it confidential.

PayPal automatically encrypts all sensitive information sent between buyer, that is, you and its servers.

It also controls the transactions continuously to prevent fraud or identity theft, codifying all transactions with additional protection.

All transactions are reviewed by leading proprietary patented models that help eliminate fraudulent activity. If suspicious activity is detected, the security specialists team acts immediately to prevent fraud.

The payment of your purchases is safe with PayPal.

Secure communications with our web

All visits, consultations and communications you do with our web are encoded to prevent third parties outside our relationship should read the information we exchange.

We encode our communications with a Symantec SSL certificate, a world leader in encryption and encoding technologies.

97 of the 100 world largest financial institutions and 75% of the 500 most important e-commerce sites in North America use Symantec SSL certificates.

Your communications and transactions with us are secure with Symantec.

Where is hosted our website

Our web site is hosted on 1&1 servers. 1&1 is a worldwide web hosting services leading provider. The company was founded in 1988 in Germany, where it maintains its corporate headquarters.

1&1 currently offers a variety of products, such as web hosting, email solutions, servers and e-commerce solutions, doing business in 10 countries: Germany, Austria, Britain, Spain, France, Poland, United States, Canada, Italy and Mexico.

1&1 is the largest web services provider in the world with 14.1 million customer contracts and more than 19 million domains, with a workforce of nearly 7,000 employees specialized and highly qualified in Internet.